What to Do with Leftover Sushi? – 7 Creative & Tasty Ideas

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🍣 Leftover sushi? No problem! Don't let those delicious rolls go to waste. Instead, get creative and transform them into exciting new dishes that will make your taste buds dance. From crispy Sushi Burritos to colorful Sushi Salad, we've got 7 mouthwatering recipes that will give your leftover sushi a whole new lease on life.

Leftover sushi presents an opportunity to get creative in the kitchen, turning yesterday’s rolls into today’s innovative meals. No need to let those delicious bites go to waste when you can repurpose them into something uniquely satisfying.

For a twist on leftovers, try these ideas: Roll your sushi into a hearty sushi burrito using nori or tortillas, chop it into a refreshing sushi salad, transform it into savory sushi fried rice, or make fusion-style sushi nachos. Alternatively, press sushi into a panini, incorporate it into a frittata for a protein-rich dish, or deconstruct it into a customizable sushi bowl. Each option offers a delightful new take on enjoying sushi the day after.

The journey doesn’t end with just knowing these possibilities. I’ve detailed each of these creative ideas into simple steps, complete with recipes and ingredients, so you can easily recreate them at home.

Whether you’re craving a sushi burrito or a morning sushi frittata, you’ll find everything you need to make these dishes a success.

Is It Safe To Eat Sushi Leftovers?

Consuming sushi leftovers is generally safe if you store and handle them correctly. Freshness is crucial, especially with sushi featuring raw fish. Refrigerated raw sushi should be eaten within 1-2 days, while sushi containing cooked ingredients might last a bit longer, around 3-4 days.

Here’s what you should keep in mind:

  • Temperature: Keep your sushi in the fridge right after eating. Don’t leave it out for more than two hours to reduce the risk of bacterial growth.
  • Containers: Store your leftovers in airtight containers to maintain quality and avoid any bacteria from the surrounding environment.

Before you decide to eat your sushi leftovers, take a moment and check:

  • Smell: Sniff your sushi. Fresh sushi doesn’t have a strong fishy or sour odor.
  • Texture: Feel the sushi. If the fish is slimy or the rice is hard, that’s a sign it might not be safe to eat.
  • Appearance: Look for any discoloration in the fish. Changes in color can indicate it’s no longer fresh.

What about cooked sushi? Items like tempura rolls or California rolls could remain edible for a little longer since cooked ingredients tend to spoil less quickly.

For details on sushi safety and storage tips, you might find this Healthline article helpful. Remember, when in doubt, it’s best to err on the side of caution and opt for a fresh meal instead.

1. Sushi Burritos

Creating a sushi burrito is a fantastic way to repurpose your leftover sushi and add an exciting twist to your meal. Think of it as a wrap, but instead of tortillas, seaweed is the star, embracing rice and fillable ingredients in a delicious union.

First of all, lay out a sheet of nori on a flat surface. Distribute sushi rice evenly across it, leaving about an inch at the top for sealing later.

Now, it gets fun—get creative with your fillings. Lay down slices of your leftover sushi ingredients, like fish, veggies, and anything else you have from your sushi night.

Next, let’s roll it up. Start at the bottom, rolling it tightly as you go. It helps to wet the top edge of the nori to ensure it sticks once fully rolled. Now you’ve got a handheld feast ready to be enjoyed!

Here’s a quick tip: don’t hesitate to add some fresh greens or sauces into your sushi burrito. A drizzle of mayonnaise or a sprinkle of sesame seeds can really provide that extra flavor.

Transform leftover sushi into a meal that’s both satisfying and a breeze to make. Sushi burritos offer a convenient and enjoyable twist on traditional sushi.

They demonstrate just how versatile sushi can be as an ingredient, not to mention they are perfect for on-the-go eating. Take what you have, roll it up, and you’re set with a delightful treat!

2. Sushi Salad

Sushi Salad is a creative and refreshing way to give your leftover sushi a new lease on life. This dish combines the best of both worlds – the flavors and textures of sushi with the crisp, cool elements of a salad. It’s a perfect choice for a light lunch or a fun twist on a traditional salad.

The beauty of Sushi Salad lies in its versatility. You can use any type of leftover sushi, from classic California rolls to spicy tuna or veggie-packed maki.

The sushi’s flavors meld beautifully with the fresh salad greens and vegetables, creating a harmonious blend of tastes and textures. Plus, the soy-based or citrusy dressing adds a bright, tangy note that ties everything together.

Whether you’re a sushi lover looking for a new way to enjoy your favorites or simply seeking a creative solution for leftover sushi, this Sushi Salad is sure to hit the spot.

It’s a dish that’s as easy to make as it is delicious, proving that with a little imagination, leftovers can be transformed into something truly special.


  • Leftover sushi pieces
  • Mixed greens (lettuce, spinach, or arugula)
  • Cucumber, thinly sliced
  • Avocado, sliced
  • Seaweed (nori), cut into strips
  • Soy sauce
  • Sesame seeds (optional)


  1. Prepare the Base: Lay your choice of mixed greens onto a plate as the salad base. This provides a crisp and fresh layer for your sushi salad.
  2. Deconstruct Sushi: Take apart your leftover sushi rolls or pieces. Remove any toppings or excess sauce and place the fish on your bed of greens. You can chop it into bite-sized pieces if you prefer.
  3. Add Freshness: Include slices of cucumber and avocado for a cool, creamy texture. Sprinkle over the nori strips for that unmistakable sushi flavour.
  4. Dressing: Lightly drizzle soy sauce over your creation for a salty kick. You could also mix a little wasabi or ginger into the soy sauce if you like some heat.
  5. Garnish and Serve: For an extra touch, sprinkle a handful of sesame seeds over the top of your salad for a nutty crunch.

This no-cook recipe gives your leftover sushi a new life. It’s a quick solution for a meal that’s as satisfying as it is tasty. Enjoy your Sushi Salad straight away for the best flavor and texture.

3. Sushi Fried Rice

Another very easy, but super tasty use of leftover sushi rice is to turn it into a delightful fried rice dish is both smart and uncomplicated. Begin by heating a little oil in a pan.

Grab the sushi rice from your fridge and give it a quick stir to break up any clumps. Toss the rice into the pan and let it sizzle, turning golden and crispy.

Ready to add more flavors? Throw in some chopped vegetables—think bell peppers, peas, carrots, and green onions. For an added punch, stir in some minced garlic and ginger.

Crank up the flavor with a splash of soy sauce and a drizzle of sesame oil. If you like your fried rice with a bit of protein, a scrambled egg, cooked diced chicken, or sautéed shrimp can make it a hearty meal.

Here’s a quick table of ingredients for your reference:

Leftover sushi rice1-2 cupsFluff and separate
Mixed vegetables1 cupDiced
Soy sauce2 tablespoonsAdjust to taste
Sesame oil1 tablespoonFor authentic flavor
Egg, chicken, or shrimpOptionalFor added protein

Remember, the key is to keep stirring to evenly distribute heat, making sure each grain of rice gets a chance to fry up perfectly.

Once everything’s mixed well and the rice has taken on a nice, toasty color, your sushi fried rice is ready to devour. Serve it hot, garnished with sesame seeds or sliced green onions for a simple yet satisfying dish that makes the most of your leftovers.

4. Sushi Nachos

Have leftover sushi and craving something different? Turn those rolls into a crunchy, fusion treat with an easy-to-make sushi nachos version.

Ingredients: Grab your leftover sushi rolls, a bag of nacho chips, and let’s get creative. You’ll also want some toppings like sliced jalapeños, diced tomatoes, and a bit of cheese (yes, cheese!).


  1. Preheat Oven: Set to 350°F (175°C) to get things started.
  2. Prep Toppings: While waiting, slice and dice those toppings. Want it spicy? Thinly slice the jalapeños. For a fresh touch, get those tomatoes ready.
  3. Layer Chips: Spread your nachos on a baking sheet. No overlaps, just a nice single layer.
  4. Deconstruct Sushi: Take apart your sushi, placing pieces of fish and veggies over the chips.
  5. Add Cheese: Here’s where it gets non-traditional—sprinkle cheese over the top. Trust it adds a delightful twist.
  6. Bake: Slide the baking sheet into the oven. We’re looking for lightly melted cheese and warm chips, about 5-10 minutes.
  7. Finish with Toppings: Pull out the tray, strew your fresh toppings, and a drizzle of soy sauce or spicy mayo if you like.

Congrats! You’ve just made your snack platter more exciting. Now go ahead, grab a chip loaded with sushi goodness, and enjoy your ingenious nacho creation.

5. Sushi Panini

Have you ever stared at your fridge, eyeing that container of sushi from the day before and wondering what creative dish you could whip up? Why not give those rolls a new life by turning them into a toasty Sushi Panini?

You’ll need a panini press or a grill pan. Start by taking apart your sushi rolls and spreading the rice onto one slice of bread as your base.

Next, layer on the sushi fish and any other ingredients, such as avocado slices or cucumber, that you have from your sushi. For an extra kick, add a thin slice of cheese, which will melt and marry the flavors together in the heat.

Now, pop on the other slice of bread, slightly pressing down, and brush the outside with a bit of olive oil for a golden crust. Grill it in your press until the bread is crispy and the cheese has melted, creating a wonderful fusion of Japanese flavors with the comfort of a grilled sandwich.

Serve immediately and enjoy the delightful contrast of the warm, crunchy exterior with the cool, familiar sushi flavors inside. If you’re feeling adventurous, pair it with a small bowl of soy sauce for dipping or a drizzle of spicy mayo on top.

And there you have it, a simple yet delicious Sushi Panini that elevates your leftovers to a scrumptious meal.

6. Sushi Frittata

Sushi Frittata is a ingenious way to transform leftover sushi into a satisfying, protein-packed meal.

This dish takes the classic Italian frittata and gives it a Japanese twist, blending the flavors of sushi with the comforting texture of a fluffy egg dish. It’s a perfect choice for a weekend brunch or a quick and easy dinner.

The magic of Sushi Frittata lies in its ability to adapt to any type of leftover sushi. Whether you have a few pieces of California roll or some spicy salmon nigiri, they can all find a home in this versatile dish.

The sushi’s flavors infuse the eggs, creating a savory and umami-rich base, while the rice and seaweed add a pleasant texture contrast.

One of the best things about Sushi Frittata is how easy it is to customize. You can add in any other ingredients you have on hand, from vegetables to cheese to herbs, making it a great way to clean out your fridge.

Plus, it’s a dish that can be enjoyed hot or cold, making it perfect for meal prepping or packing for lunch.

Ingredients You’ll Need:

  • Leftover sushi
  • Eggs
  • Cooking oil or butter
  • Optional additions: cheese, vegetables, or herbs

Let’s Get Cooking: You’ll want to start by deconstructing your sushi. Remove the fish from the rice, and if you’re feeling creative, chop up any additional fillings like avocado or vegetables. Beat some eggs in a bowl—usually, two to three will do, depending on how many leftovers you have.

Heat a bit of oil or butter in a non-stick skillet over medium heat. Toss in your sushi fillings to warm them up.

Pour the beaten eggs evenly over the fillings, tilting the pan to ensure the mixture settles around the ingredients. Lower the heat and let the eggs cook until they start to set around the edges.

If you like a golden top on your frittata, finish it off under the broiler for a minute or two until it achieves that perfect color and slight crispiness. Make sure you’re using an oven-safe pan for this step.

Serving Suggestions: A slice of Sushi Frittata goes great with a side salad or even a drizzle of soy sauce for added flavor. It’s a complete meal that’s not only filling but also gives your sushi a fresh twist.

Remember, the key is to keep it simple and let the flavors of your sushi remnants shine through. With a Sushi Frittata, your leftovers become the star of an entirely new dish. Enjoy your culinary re-creation!

7. Sushi Bowl

A Sushi Bowl is a delightful way to enjoy leftover sushi in a new form. This dish deconstructs your favorite sushi rolls and presents them in a convenient, easy-to-eat bowl format.

By layering sushi rice, fish, vegetables, and toppings, you can create a satisfying meal that captures all the flavors of sushi without the fuss of rolling or cutting.

What You’ll Need:

  • Leftover sushi: Sushi pieces or rolls
  • Rice: White or brown, preferably sushi rice
  • Veggies: Avocado, cucumber, and green onions work great
  • Toppings: Sesame seeds, nori, and spicy mayo


  1. Rice Base: Start with a bed of rice in a bowl. It’s the foundation of your dish, so make sure it’s fluffy and warm.
  2. Chop it up: Slice your sushi rolls or sashimi into bite-sized pieces.
  3. Veg Out: Dice up any veggies you have. It adds crunch and freshness.
  4. Drizzle and Sprinkle: Add a drizzle of soy sauce or a dollop of spicy mayo. Finish off with a sprinkle of sesame seeds for that nutty flair.

Love a bit of heat? Slice up a jalapeño or drizzle some sriracha on top. It’s all about making this bowl your own. Remember, every spoonful should be a perfect combo of your favorite sushi fixings.

Sushi bowls are not just a great way to use leftovers but also a creative way to enjoy homemade sushi without the hassle of rolling. So next time you’re staring at that sushi from yesterday’s dinner, know that a delicious sushi bowl is just minutes away. Enjoy!

7 Super Easy Sushi Leftover Recipe Ideas

🍣 Leftover sushi? No problem! Don't let those delicious rolls go to waste. Instead, get creative and transform them into exciting new dishes that will make your taste buds dance. From crispy Sushi Burritos to colorful Sushi Salad, we've got 7 mouthwatering recipes that will give your leftover sushi a whole new lease on life.
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Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 15 minutes
Total Time 25 minutes
Course Main Course
Cuisine Japanese
Calories 150 kcal


  • 1 Large Non-Stick Skillet or Wok Essential for making sushi fried rice and cooking a sushi frittata. Its non-stick surface helps to prevent sticking and ensures even cooking.
  • 1 Sharp Knife A must-have for chopping sushi into bite-sized pieces for the sushi salad, sushi nachos, and sushi bowl. A sharp knife ensures clean cuts without squishing the delicate ingredients.
  • 1 Mixing Bowls Useful for tossing the sushi salad, mixing the sushi frittata ingredients, and assembling the deconstructed sushi bowl. Having a set of mixing bowls in various sizes is handy.
  • 1 Panini Press or Grill Pan Needed for creating that crispy and melty sushi panini. If you don't have a panini press, a grill pan with another heavy pan for pressing can work as an alternative.
  • 1 Baking Sheet or Oven Tray Ideal for arranging wonton chips or crackers when preparing sushi nachos, allowing for an even spread of ingredients and crispiness.


  • Leftover sushi rolls or pieces
  • Nori sheets or tortillas, for Sushi Burritos
  • Salad greens, cucumber, avocado, and soy-based dressing (for Sushi Salad)
  • Cooked rice, eggs, and vegetables (for Sushi Fried Rice)
  • Wonton chips or crackers, spicy mayo, wasabi, pickled ginger, and scallions (for Sushi Nachos)


  • Sushi Burritos: Wrap your leftover sushi rolls in larger sheets of nori (seaweed) or tortillas to create a filling and portable sushi burrito.
  • Sushi Salad: Cut the leftover sushi into bite-sized pieces and toss them with some salad greens, cucumber, avocado, and a light soy-based dressing for a refreshing sushi salad.
  • Sushi Fried Rice: Chop up the leftover sushi and stir-fry it with some cooked rice, eggs, and vegetables for a quick and flavorful fried rice dish.
  • Sushi Nachos: Cut the sushi into small pieces and serve them over crispy wonton chips or crackers. Top with spicy mayo, wasabi, pickled ginger, and chopped scallions for a fusion-style nacho dish.
  • Sushi Panini: Place your leftover sushi between two slices of bread and grill it in a panini press or on a stovetop for a crispy and melty sushi sandwich.
  • Sushi Frittata: Chop the leftover sushi into small pieces and mix it with beaten eggs, then cook the mixture in a skillet for a protein-packed breakfast or brunch dish.
  • Sushi Bowl: Deconstruct your leftover sushi and serve it in a bowl over a bed of rice, along with any additional toppings like avocado, cucumber, or sesame seeds for a deconstructed sushi bowl experience.


Calories: 150kcal
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