12 Ways to Make Eggs Taste Insanely Good

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There are actually some ways to make eggs taste better, so you don’t have to deal with boring and (mostly) bland eggs anymore. Whether you are making scramble eggs or sunny side up, you may only add salt, or pepper, to make it tasteful. 

A lot of people don’t really realize that they can be creative when it comes to cooking their eggs. They don’t have to do fancy stuff, but adding a little bit of herbs or spices can really elevate the taste.

Eggs are delicious, but a little extra effort makes them extraordinary!  Try these simple tips: a pinch of salt enhances flavor, a splash of milk or cream creates fluffy texture, and a pat of butter adds richness.  Herbs like chives or dill offer freshness, while a sprinkle of cheese brings savory goodness. Experiment and discover what makes your tastebuds sing!

12. Herbs Addition

It’s true that fresh herbs have this subtle flavor, but don’t underestimate their effect on dishes. 

When you add fresh herbs to your eggs, you basically have found a strong and impactful to make eggs taste better, and you won’t have to break a sweat. When we are talking about herbs, we talk about so many different types. 

Each one has its own distinguished flavor. For instance, when you add basil to your scramble eggs, the flavor would be different from adding chives to the eggs. 

These herbs can change the flavor while making it elegant and somewhat aromatic. So, it’s not only tasty, but it will also smell nice. 

Which herbs should you go with? There’s no wrong or right when it comes to the right herbs, but then again, here’s the basic guidance on how each herb can improve the overall taste of the eggs:

  • French Tarragon. Many professional chefs have chosen this herb as their favorite, mostly because of its complex and rather complicated flavor profile. It has licorice hints that somewhat creates a tad spiciness and then closed off with citrus finish. 
  • Chives. Amongst world-class chefs, Gordon Ramsay has chosen chives as his favorite, especially when he’s making scrambled eggs. He likes to add a lot of chives right before the serving. Chives are considered strong and powerful herb because it packs both garlic and onion flavors, and yet, you don’t have to worry about the fussy preparation. 
  • Dill. Although most people believe that dill is most appropriate for seafood, it’s still suitable for eggs. Dill has this strong punch with citrus and grass notes, while generating a subtle sweet taste altogether. Simply top off your eggs with it, and you will have a completely new taste. 

These are just some examples of the most popular herbs. Of course, you will find more options out there. Dried herbs can still deliver a flavorful effect. This is especially handy when you are in a hurry. 

However, if you do have more time, fresh herbs are recommended. Wash them first, prepare them fresh, and add them to your eggs before you serve them up. 

Want to get creative? You can add the herbs to the oil or butter and enjoy it. Or if you are used to cook your eggs with oil (or butter), try to skip it and replace it with herbs that have been infused within oil. See how you like the effect.

11. Spices Incorporation

Spices are your other options to make eggs taste better. It’s completely okay to do experiments with spices, such as cumin or paprika. In fact, feel free to even use curry powder or cayenne pepper if you like something super strong. 

You should know that spices are basically the secret and powerful weapon inside the kitchen. Just like herbs, you can easily incorporate spices to your eggs to immediately improve their taste. 

How are spices different from the fresh herbs? Not only they can deliver stronger and more intense flavor, but you can also customize them easily. You can never go wrong with spices. 

In most cases, people would use any kind of spices available in their kitchen. Most of us may have been accustomed to using pepper and salt when we want to make the eggs tastier, but there are more spices that you can use. 

Consider using curry powder, cayenne, onion powder, or garlic powder. They are responsible for making savory taste that will make the eggs tastier, more flavorful, and somewhat more satisfying. 

Feel free to add how much as it depends on your preference. Plus, you can even combine them all to create an even richer flavor. 

Be advised, though, that cayenne and curry are pretty spicy. Add them slowly and gradually so you won’t overdo it – and end up regretting your eggs dish. 

What about adding baking spices? Unlike the common kitchen spices, baking spices are relatively sweet. When you add them to your eggs, you basically add a little bit of sweetness to the dish.

 You can add a little honey, ginger, cinnamon, or nutmeg. If you only add a little, it will work together with the eggs and their natural flavor. 

10. Melt Cheese

A simple addition of the cheese can really add another flavor for your eggs, making it creamier with more savory extra. 

You are free to choose any eggs that you like, whether it’s goat cheese, feta, shredded cheddar, or even the stretchy mozzarella. Rest assured that your eggs will have this rich creamy flavor that makes it super mouth-watering. 

Adding up cheese is the easiest way to make eggs taste better without extra efforts. In fact, if you want to create savory dishes, cheese would be the easiest addition.

There is an extra flavor of indulgence and elegance, together with extra creaminess and saltiness. When we talk about scramble eggs, pairing the eggs with the cheese can somewhat create comfort food that is hard to beat, even with the fancy dishes. 

Keep in mind, though, that the types of choose you use would determine the final taste of your eggs. Going with the scramble eggs? 

Choose the semi hard or har cheese, such as Manchego, Gruyere, or sharp cheddar, depending on the final taste you want. 

Don’t add the cheese from the beginning. Just add the shredded type before you take the eggs from the pan and stir to achieve the perfect texture. 

Want something melted or gooey result? Add mozzarella (a chunk would be enough). You can also add goat cheese or feta cheese right in the middle of the process, allowing the cheese to melt and mix up with the eggs. 

If you do this right, you can have a perfect scramble eggs where half part would be the cheese and the other half would be the egg. 

If you prefer the classic and simple way, use the cheese as the topping. Once the process finished and you have moved the egg to your plate, add the cheese. 

Go with Parmigiano Reggiano (grate it) or simple American cheese (slice it). The heat from the egg will mix well with the cheese. 

Adding up the cheese is also doable for any kind of egg meals, including poached egg or steamed egg, in case you are bored with the scramble type. 

9. Veggie Addition

Another simple way to make eggs taste better is to add any sauteed veggies into the mix. You will have an instant elevated taste without overdoing anything. 

Any veggie will do, such as onions, bell peppers, mushrooms, or spinach. Not only the veggies will add up the taste, but they will also make your eggs healthier too. They pack up a lot of nutrients, which can be good for you. 

The sauteed veggies can add another level of taste, but it’s also possible to use diced veggies that are directly added to the eggs. 

If you are familiar with Denver Omelet, which is a type of baked western omelet (baked in the oven, by the way), then you know how heavenly eggs and eggs when mixed together. 

8. Onion and Garlic

Everyone knows that onion and garlic will be able to add a sense of depth and richness to a dish. 

If you want to make eggs taste better, simply sauté them together. use butter to create savory and yet aromatic base. During the process, add the eggs, and your eggs will never go bland anymore. 

Adding up butter to the garlic and onion sauté is actually one of the most classic way to transform the flavor. Simply melt up the butter by using medium heat only. 

Add the diced onion and garlic (if you want to go with the finely minced ones, that’s fine). Sauté them until they become translucent. 

Break the eggs, add them to the sautéed spices, and complete it until it’s done. It’s simple. It’s easy. No complication or even fancy preparation. 

7. Truffle Oil

You’d be surprised to find out that truffle oil can actually enhance the eggs’ taste, transforming them into high-end gourmet dish. Just use a small drizzle and you can have a plate of heavenly elegance right away. 

Another alternative to the truffle oil is to use truffle butter. If you want to make creamy egg while elevating the complex taste, then truffle butter would be the perfect option. 

Let’s not forget that truffle has this strong taste as well as smell, which can be heavenly. 

Some of the world-class chefs may add truffle butter in the midway of the process. But you can also add it when the egg is coming close to finish. 

Wait until the scramble egg gets to the desired consistency, add the butter, and your eggs will instantly have this nice umami taste. 

6. (A) Dollop of Sour Cream

When you want to create creamy but rather tangy eggs, you should add sour cream into the mix. This is one of the easiest way to make eggs taste better. 

Even if you don’t particularly go with the sour cream, you can still have the tangy effect. Feel free to use cottage cheese, mascarpone, or cream cheese. 

Keep in mind, though, that different cheese will lead to different texture. For instance, cream cheese will create smooth result, while cottage cheese will result in unique texture. 

5. Pesto Mix

Not many people would be thinking about adding pesto to make eggs taste better, but if you want a rich of flavor, pesto would be the right ingredient to choose. 

It can immediately add a nutty taste along with the garlicky and herby taste. Your egg will never taste the same anymore!

There is no need to do any extravagant thing. Just have a spoonful of the pesto and you are good to go. In fact, pesto is considered the ideal match because the fluffy egg will just taste better with the nutty flavor.

A spoon would be enough, just as the eggs are about to finish. You will end up with super tasty result. 

4. Flavorful Oils Usage

If you don’t want to add anything else, but you want something elevated with the bland flavor of the egg, just use flavorful oils. 

Rather than using the regular and plain oil, why not going with avocado oil, coconut oil, or olive oil to make eggs taste better? They may look like the regular oil but they add a touch of flavor depth to the dish. 

3. Everything Bagel Seasoning Sprinkle

Adding a spice mix is also possible to avoid making the eggs bland. Everything Bagel Seasoning, for instance, would be the perfect addition to your plain eggs. 

It’s savory and somewhat onion-y (with a tad crunchiness) that makes the plain eggs dish addictive. If you want to try out another mix, you can try Kansas City Seasoning, which will deliver woody and smokey flavor. 

2. Hot Sauce

If you want something spicy and a bit challenging, then adding up hot sauce would be the perfect option. The hot sauce will definitely make your eggs more interesting and not bland anymore. 

If you want to make eggs taste better, make sure to add the sauce after you have done cooking the eggs. 

DON’T do it during the cooking because the hot pat will make the particles (from the hot sauce) go airborne and hurt you because you will be like in pepper-spray condition. 

If you don’t like hot sauce, you can always add green chiles (the chopped ones) to the mixture right before the cooking. This is another alternative to create spicy result without the hot sauce. 

Of course, adding the hot sauce isn’t only limited to scramble eggs. You can do it to your fried eggs or even baked eggs. 

1. Salsa Mix

Just like the hot sauce, you can simply add salsa to create fun and exciting dining experience. This is especially possible when you want to enjoy Southwest and zesty flavor. 

Just add a little bit first (around a spoonful) and see how you like it. You can then adjust the amount of salsa that you like. 

All in all, your eggs don’t have to be plain and bland anymore. With these different methods and options, you can elevate the taste without overdoing anything. 

You should try these ways to make eggs taste better – and you don’t even have to break a sweat while doing it. 

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