How to Get Whipped Cream Out of a Can without Pressure?

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What do you do when your whipped cream can lose pressure?

Do you throw it away? 

Well, you shouldn’t, because there’s still cream inside!

But how will you get it out of the can?

With the help of a can opener!  Flip the can upside down. Then use a can opener to tear away the bottom part. Once the cover comes out, empty the cream in a bowl.

For those dealing with this issue, keep reading for step-by-step instructions in this blog.

Why Won’t My Whipped Cream Can Spray?

It’s really annoying when your whipped cream can doesn’t work.

Imagine this scene – you’ve made yummy pancakes for breakfast, but when you try to put whipped cream on them, the can won’t spray.

So frustrating! 

But why does this happen? 

To know why, you must first understand how the can works.

So, how does the whipped cream can work?

These cans contain nitrous oxide. Yes, we are talking about the laughing gas. 

This gas creates pressure inside the can, which pushes the cream out and makes it fluffy. 

Without nitrous oxide, pressing the nozzle would just release liquid cream, not whipped. But with the gas, the cream comes out fluffy and light.

Now, let’s talk about why your whipped cream can might stop working.

There are three main reasons.

1. There is low pressure inside the can

As we have discussed above, the whipped cream can needs pressure to work. 

When the pressure is low, it means that there’s insufficient gas remaining inside the canister to propel the cream out. 

Now, why does this happen? There are two reasons, 

  • When the canister has been partially used 
  • Or when you store the can for a long time without using

This causes the gas to dissipate over time. And without adequate pressure, you won’t get any whipped cream. 

2. The nozzle is clogged

Pressure is not the only reason why your can won’t spray. 

A clogged nozzle is another culprit.

To pour the cream out of the can, you need to press the nozzle. But sometimes, it may get clogged and prevent the cream from being sprayed out smoothly. 

But why does the nozzle get clogged? Here are some reasons,

  • Dried cream buildup
  • Accidental contamination from external sources
  • Improper cleaning of the nozzle after previous use


You can clean the nozzle with warm water or a cleaning agent to resolve this issue.

3. The canister is empty

This reason is a no-brainer! When there is no cream left inside the can, nothing will come out. 

But how will we know when the canister is empty?

You can check by shaking the can to listen to any remaining content. 

If the can is empty, you can’t do anything about it. Simply dispose it off. 

How to Unclog a Whipped Cream Nozzle?

Have you been using the whipped cream can the wrong way? 

By the wrong way, we mean,

  • Not shaking it properly before use
  • Holding it at the wrong angle while spraying
  • Not cleaning the tip of the nozzle after use
  • Using the whipped cream can after a long time 

If you have made any of these mistakes, you might face the most frustrating thing ever – a clogged whipped cream nozzle!

So, is there a solution to this problem?

Luckily, there is! And we are going to share it with you!

To unclog the nozzle, do these things,

1. Shake the can

First, try shaking the can for a few seconds to mix the nitrous oxide with the cream. How will this help? This will blend the cream with the gas to create pressure. 

After this, aim the nozzle at a 60-degree angle and spray. If the cream comes out, congratulations, your problem is solved!

2. Use warm water

If the nozzle is still clogged after trying the first method, do this. Open the tap to start the warm water and keep the can under it. 

But make sure you keep the nozzle out of the water. 

So, how will warm water help?

Your cream might have thickened inside the can when you don’t use the whipped cream; the butterfat clumps together and won’t move. 

Warm water helps soften the butterfat, allowing it to flow again.

3. Clean the nozzle

Is the nozzle still not working after trying the first two methods? This means that the nozzle is congested. 

So, how do we solve it? Again, we’ll use warm water.

All you need to do is fill a cup with warm water and soak the can upside-down inside it for a few minutes.

This will remove any debris that’s blocking the nozzle. 


Make sure you don’t stick anything inside the nozzle to clean it. Doing so can damage the valve, making the can useless. 

How to Open a Whipped Cream Can Safely (No Pressure)

So, your whipped cream can have stopped working?

Well, did you try unclogging the nozzle?

If none of the methods have worked for you, it means only one thing – there is no gas left inside!

In this case, try shaking the can. If there’s still cream inside, we’ll show you how to get it out.

Make sure there is no pressure left inside the can

Before you directly begin opening the can, make sure there is no pressure inside it. Press the nozzle to release any remaining gas. 

Hold the can upside-down

Now, you must hold the can in an upside-down position. This will prevent the cream from spilling when you open the bottom part. 

Cover the nozzle with a plastic bag

If you don’t want to make any mess, it is best to cover the nozzle with a plastic bag. Why? Sometimes, pressure can cause the cream to squirt all around. 

Use a can opener to remove the bottom part

Okay, so this is the most important part. And it is best to practice caution. Here, you need to use a can opener and tear away the bottom part of the can.

Make sure you know how to use the can opener properly. For safety, you can also wear gloves. 

Position the opener at the bottom and use it just like you would to open an ordinary can. 

Empty the cream into a bowl

Once you tear away the bottom part completely, take it off and empty the cream into a bowl. 

So, that’s how you safely open a whipped cream can with no pressure.  

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