5 Best Potatoes for Breakfast Burritos – Make Them Even Better

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The breakfast burrito is a hearty and simple dish to make, but not for breakfast only! Potatoes, creamy scrambled eggs, and cheese wrapped in a tortilla blanket is a classic, but there are many interesting twists and additions to boost the flavors up.

You can go for fresh veggies, avocado, and a whole lot of different sauces! Choosing the right potato variety is super important, so here are 5 best potatoes for breakfast burritos to make them even better!

Russet potatoes are the best for a crispy touch, Yukon Gold when cooked, and red potatoes when roasted. All of them pair with eggs, bacon, and spicy sauces, some more than others. For a healthier option, sweet potatoes are a fun twist, especially when served with kidney beans. Fingerling potatoes are the most interesting on this list, but there are a few tips to draw out the most of the flavor.

I love a good breakfast burrito, but I usually put it together when I have leftover potatoes. Throughout the years, I learned the best combinations with different potato varieties, so read on to get some new breakfast inspo!

1. Russet Potatoes

Russet potatoes are a super versatile potato variety! They are packed with starch but low in water content, so they work in any shape. The texture is light and airy when fried, but fluffy when cooked and mashed.

Breakfast burritos call for something crunchy and crisped-up russet potatoes are perfect for that. You can fry, air-fry, bake, or sauté them for that effect, anything will be super tasty.

When it comes to taste, they are mild, almost neutral, so they sponge up the flavor and aroma of anything you pair them with. They are easy to season and marry with pretty much everything.

They are ideal for making fries at home, as you get that amazing signature texture and look – crispy outside, fluffy inside, with a golden finish. You can deep fry them, or pop them into an air fryer for a healthier option.

But, by far the best option for a breakfast burrito is cubed potatoes browned in a skillet. The consistency is flawless – soft inside with an aromatic crust. Also, they don’t require tons of oil, but just a splash to prevent them from sticking to the pan.

Another breakfast favorite – hash browns will be superb when made with this potato variety. The crispiness is immaculate! Season it with salt and pepper only, or add some paprika, garlic powder, chili, or cayenne for the heat.

If you want something a bit different, try slicing potatoes and frying them with onion and red pepper. They will get both the crunch and the flavor.

Prepared in any way, russet potatoes will be the star of your breakfast burrito. Pair them with anything you like –  eggs, vegetables, and different sauces.

2. Yukon Gold Potatoes

This potato variety is amazing when cooked, fried, and baked, just as russet potatoes. The main difference is Yukon golds have creamy inside, unlike russets which are drier.

Even though they are buttery, these potatoes hold their shape excellently when cooked. They won’t crumble at all when you slice them after boiling.

This makes them ideal to incorporate in breakfast burritos, especially if you want to make it ahead, as they store very well.

If you fancy adding some crust to the boiled potato texture, broil them very quickly or brown them for a few minutes in a skillet. They pair the best with sausage, eggs, and caramelized onions.

You can definitely add more flavor if you toss them in the same pan, you crisped the bacon in! It adds smoky and salty, but still sweet flavors, that go finely with eggs, too. Mashed Yukon is fantastic, as well. 

You can boost the velvety consistency by adding butter, sour cream, or a splash of heavy cream. Breakfast burrito with mashed potatoes is a top-notch choice, especially if you crisp it up in a panini toaster or non-stick pan. 

The creamy potatoes ask for something spicy, so serve them with sriracha, tabasco, salsa, or any other hot sauce. 

3. Red Potatoes

Red potatoes are chief for roasting! Their flavor blooms when they are seasoned plainly, salt and pepper only, with a splash of olive oil. Most of the smack, actually, comes from roasting as it enhances the buttery, earthy flavor.

You can coat them in grated parmesan and garlic, for a touch of pungency. They are amazing with herbs, as well. Dry rosemary and thyme are the right choices for baking with, while fresh parsley and basil are the best for sprinkling at the end.

When choosing the right spices for red potatoes, there are no rules! They work with anything, smoked paprika, chili, turmeric, za’atar, cumin garlic, or onion powder.

For breakfast burritos, they meld with usuals, but the flavors are bursting with pico de gallo! A tad of tang really works well with red potatoes. They have a nice crisp outside but stay soft on the inside, that’s why you need both crunchy and saucy sides.

Greek yogurt-based sauce with a squeeze of lemon juice is flawless here! The ketchup is the usual condiment in this combination, but there are much better options, like avocado or cheese sauce.

When it comes to crispy components, go for fresh veggies, like peppers and onion, or bacon. Also, scrambled eggs are a staple, but a runny sunny-side-up will work as a charm!

4. Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are a whole new approach to a staple breakfast burrito! Their sugary, but earthy flavors are popping when paired with salty ingredients. 

They are the best roasted or fried in this combination, as they get the crust and buttery inside. If you’re going to deep fry them, season them with salt only, but for roasted sweet potatoes, go all in!

Cayenne pepper or chili adds a missing kick, cumin, and nutmeg nuttiness, while smoked paprika gives a signature smack. When it comes to herbs, stick to the signature Italian, like rosemary, thyme, and basil, they work really well in this blend.

Garlic and sweet potatoes are a perfect match, so don’t skip it in the seasoning. You can use both garlic powder or fresh garlic, for a spicy but sweet touch.

In breakfast burritos, pair them with fresh vegetables like lettuce, tomatoes, and cucumber. Usuals – eggs, cheese, and bacon are fabulous here, as well. They work as a charm in vegan burritos especially, too, as they meld with vegan cheese impeccably. 

If you want to go in another direction, mash sweet potatoes and season them with soy sauce, chili, cumin, and cayenne pepper. Pair it with kidney beans for a vegan bite or with some spicy sausage.

5. Fingerling Potatoes

These tiny potatoes carry so much taste! When mature they stay small and elongated, which is super interesting to see! They have a nice, mild, buttery flavor, with a touch of nuttiness.

Fingerling potatoes act great in burritos, as they have a firm but waxy consistency. It’s important to note, don’t peel the potatoes, as they are meant to be enjoyed with it, as it’s super flavorful!

This means they are superb when roasted – sliced or whole! They are minis, so you don’t need more than half an hour to bake them. Olive oil and salt are enough to boost the flavors, but you can go with other spices, herbs, and parmesan, too.

Just note, that for super crispy skin, roast them at high temperatures. Also, sauteed fingerling potatoes are top-tier, especially when blended with finely diced onions and peppers. 

They are amazing with eggs, bacon, smoky turkey breasts, and all the veggies!

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