What to Do With Leftover Birria – Top 10 Super Tasty Recipes

Marria Beklavac By Marria Beklavac

Staring at a pot of leftover birria might have you wondering about its culinary fate. Fear not, for we’re here to unveil the magic hidden in those delicious remnants.

With recipes ranging from birria ramen to a sumptuous birria baked potato, we’re about to show you how to turn leftovers into dishes that dazzle.

Get ready to see birria in a whole new light, where every recipe is a journey of flavor waiting to be discovered.

1. Birria Ramen

Transform your leftover birria into a savory bowl of Birria Ramen, where you’ll simmer the broth with ramen noodles, add shredded birria meat, and garnish with a creamy boiled egg, fresh chopped onions, and vibrant cilantro for an irresistible twist on a noodle classic.

This dish isn’t just about reinventing leftovers; it’s about creating a sense of home and comfort with every spoonful.

You’re creating a bridge between traditions, melding the rich, complex flavors of birria with the soul-soothing warmth of ramen. It’s a culinary crossover that invites you to enjoy new flavors while cherishing the familiar.

Begin by heating your birria broth until it simmers gently, then introduce your ramen noodles, cooking them until they’re tender. Proceed to mix in the shredded birria meat, warming it thoroughly, allowing it to absorb the broth’s flavors.

Once everything is hot and aromatic, serve your Birria Ramen into bowls. Top each with a halved, soft-boiled egg, a generous amount of fresh chopped onions, and a handful of cilantro. Each bite welcomes you into a community of flavor lovers who find joy in the fusion of culinary traditions.

2. Birria Fries

This dish combines crispy fries with shredded birria meat, melted cheese, and fresh cilantro, topped off with a dollop of guacamole and sour cream for a mouthwatering fusion creation.

Each bite melds together a harmony of textures and flavors, drawing you closer to a state of culinary delight. This dish celebrates the joy of innovative cooking and fusion cuisine, showcasing your kitchen skills.

Begin by warming up your leftover birria until it becomes wonderfully tender. At the same time, cook your chosen potatoes until they achieve a golden, crispy exterior. Place these hot fries onto a serving dish, and while they emit their inviting warmth, generously layer them with the shredded birria.

The real charm occurs as you sprinkle a hearty amount of shredded cheese over the warm meat, allowing the heat to transform it into a velvety delight. Add finely chopped onions and cilantro for a burst of freshness. To complete your masterpiece, add spoonfuls of guacamole and a swirl of sour cream.

You’ve now elevated simple leftovers into a delectable work of art, demonstrating the endless possibilities for innovation in cooking. Invite your friends and family to share in this dish, creating moments of connection through the joy of shared flavors.

3. Birria Baked Potato

Elevate your simple baked potato into a culinary delight by topping it with tender birria meat, gooey cheese, chopped onions, and vibrant cilantro for a satisfying and flavor-rich meal.

This creative approach revitalizes your leftover birria, transforming a basic potato into a dish that’s both comforting and thrilling. It’s an ideal method for savoring the deep flavors of birria in a novel and appealing way, ensuring you waste nothing while keeping your taste buds engaged.

To create this dish, you’ll need:

  • A soft, perfectly cooked potato as your base
  • Generously pile on warm, shredded birria meat to absorb those savory flavors
  • Cover with a layer of soft, melted cheese for a delightful creaminess

Then, add finely diced onions for a bit of crunch, and top with bright cilantro leaves for a pop of color and freshness.

This combination creates a wonderful blend of textures and flavors, making every bite a celebration. This birria baked potato is more than just a meal; it’s an adventure, making you feel like you’re on a culinary journey right at your dining table.

4. Birria Soup

Immerse yourself in the comforting warmth of birria soup by filtering your remaining sauce to create a refined consommé, then enhance it with your selection of fresh garnishes for a unique flair.

This experience isn’t merely about eating; it’s a tradition that infuses your dining area with a sense of warmth and belonging.

Begin by slowly heating your remaining birria sauce, allowing the flavors to reawaken. When it starts to simmer, use a fine mesh strainer to filter the sauce, obtaining a clear, comforting consommé that soothes the soul.

This is the moment for your creativity to shine. View the consommé as a blank slate ready for your artistic touch.

Add finely chopped onions for a sharp contrast, sprinkle a generous amount of fresh cilantro for a green, herby accent, and don’t hesitate to squeeze in some lime for a bright, citrusy lift.

For those who enjoy a bit of spice, a dash of chili flakes can introduce a subtle warmth that lingers with every sip.

Now, bring your family and friends together. Serve the birria consommé in bowls, encouraging everyone to customize their soup with the garnishes you’ve set out.

This meal transcends mere nourishment; it’s an opportunity for connection, creating a sense of togetherness with each bite. Relish the warmth, savor the flavors, and cherish the company.

5. Mulitas

Utilizing the rich flavors of leftover birria, you can create delectable mulitas by placing the tender meat between two crisply cooked tortillas.

This creative variation of the traditional quesadilla enhances your dining experience, combining the robust birria with the satisfying crunch of pan-fried tortillas. This isn’t just a meal; it’s a trip to a place where every mouthful feels like home.

To make your mulitas exceptional, consider these suggestions:

  • Select Your Cheese Carefully: Choose a cheese that melts well and pairs beautifully with the flavorsome birria. Oaxaca or mozzarella are excellent choices for that ideal cheese pull.
  • Achieve the Perfect Crisp: Apply a light coating of oil to your pan and press down the tortilla stack to secure a golden, crispy outside while keeping the birria inside tender and juicy.
  • Incorporate Freshness: A touch of guacamole or a sprinkle of fresh cilantro can introduce a bright contrast to the birria’s rich taste.

Preparing mulitas with your leftover birria not only utilizes your ingredients to their fullest but also adds a touch of creativity and warmth to your dining table. It’s a wonderful way to come together, share, and enjoy something truly comforting.

6. Birria Tacos

Ready to take things to the next level? Begin by immersing tortillas in the savory consommé before filling them with succulent, shredded meat for a taco experience that transcends the ordinary.

This meal is a voyage to the core of traditional Mexican culinary art, where each morsel is steeped in history and fervor.

Here’s the method: Heat your consommé until it simmers softly, releasing an enticing aroma of the flavors that await. Take a tortilla—corn to keep it traditional, flour for a different take—and briefly soak it in the consommé.

Allow the broth to lightly coat the tortilla, enriching it with flavor, then place it on a hot skillet. As it cooks, the scent surrounds you, teasing the deliciousness to follow.

Next, add the shredded birria on top. The meat’s flavor was impressive yesterday; today, it finds a new life, full of taste and ready to combine with the tortilla. Fold with care, press softly, and flip with assurance.

You’re crafting more than tacos; you’re creating a mosaic of flavors, a fusion of textures and traditions that evoke communal meals and stories.

Accompany these birria tacos with a side of consommé for extra dipping, a wedge of lime for a burst of freshness, and a dash of fresh cilantro. You’re doing more than satisfying hunger; you’re feeding the soul, connecting with a flavor community that invites everyone to partake.

7. Quesa Birria

After mastering the art of birria tacos, let’s take your culinary journey to the next level with Quesa Birria – a perfect mix of quesadillas and birria tacos for a cheesy, meaty treat that promises to delight your senses.

Picture the savory, tender birria meat wrapped in a golden, crispy tortilla filled with gooey melted cheese. You’re not just preparing a meal; you’re creating an experience that unites people, fostering a sense of community with every mouthful.

Here’s how you can immerse yourself in the scrumptious world of Quesa Birria:

  • Prepare Your Ingredients: You’ll need leftover birria meat, large flour tortillas, and a hefty portion of your chosen melting cheese. Don’t overlook the cilantro and diced onions for that burst of freshness.
  • Assemble with Care: On one side of the tortilla, arrange a layer of cheese, add birria meat, top with another layer of cheese, then fold. This process is an act of care, layering flavors and textures to create something special.
  • Cook Until Golden: Heat on a hot griddle or pan until each side is golden and crispy. Each turn brings you closer to that ideal blend of crispy and creamy textures.

8. Birria Quesadillas

Step into the comforting embrace of Birria Quesadillas, where leftover birria meat transforms into a cheesy, crispy marvel, ideal for any time of day.

Picture the deep, savory essence of tender birria meat combined with the melt-in-your-mouth sensation of cheese, all snugly wrapped in a golden, crispy tortilla. This isn’t just a meal; it’s a journey that invites you to sit down, promising warmth and fulfillment.

Here’s how to embark on this culinary journey: take your birria leftovers and shred the meat finely. Select your preferred cheese – consider Oaxaca for its stretchiness, cheddar for its sharpness, or a blend for added depth.

Place a tortilla flat, sprinkle a generous amount of cheese, add a hearty scoop of birria, another sprinkle of cheese, and cover with another tortilla.

Place it on a hot skillet. Cook until the tortilla turns golden and crispy, then flip it confidently. Once both sides attain the crispiness of autumn leaves and the cheese stretches upon pulling apart, you’ve achieved perfection.

Cut it into pieces, dig in, and let each mouthful reconnect you with the broader community that revels in turning the ordinary into the extraordinary. Welcome to the birria quesadilla family.

9. Birria Pizza

Introduce the rich flavors of birria in a novel way by layering the tender meat onto pizza dough, then adding a mix of cheeses and your choice of toppings before baking until the edges are golden brown and the cheese is perfectly melted.

This innovative take on pizza creates a warm, inviting atmosphere in your kitchen, encouraging you to play with ingredients and find delight in using leftovers.

Making birria pizza isn’t just about preparing food; it’s about crafting an experience that unites people, instilling a sense of community with every slice.

To perfect the birria pizza, adhere to these instructions:

  • Heat your oven to the suggested temperature for your pizza dough. A sufficiently heated oven is key for achieving a crisp crust.
  • Layer the birria meat over the dough, ensuring to leave a margin for the crust. This step lays the groundwork for the dish’s taste.
  • Sprinkle cheese and add toppings such as chopped onions, slices of jalapeños, or a splash of birria consommé to enhance moisture and flavor.

Cook until the cheese is bubbling and the crust turns a rich golden color. Cut, serve, and observe as this creative dish quickly becomes beloved, showcasing that leftovers are merely a canvas for culinary innovation.

10. Birria Pasta

Let’s see how this adaptable meat can take your pasta evening to new heights by blending it with cooked pasta and a drizzle of the flavorful consommé for a memorable Mexican twist.

First, pick your pasta. Be it spaghetti, penne, or fusilli, birria complements them all wonderfully. Aim for an al dente texture, as the slight firmness contrasts nicely with the soft meat.

While your pasta is draining, gently heat your leftover birria meat along with a small amount of its consommé in a skillet. This not only warms the meat but further enriches it with flavors.

The real transformation occurs when you toss your cooked pasta into the skillet with the birria and consommé. Stir well to ensure every noodle or piece is thoroughly coated. If you’re feeling bold, add some chopped cilantro or a dash of lime for an added burst of freshness.

And there you have it—a straightforward yet innovative method to transform your pasta evening into a celebration of tastes. Welcome to a dining experience where boldness and creativity are always celebrated.

What to Do With Leftover Birria – 10 Super Tasty Recipes

Marria Beklavac
Transform leftover birria into 10 super tasty recipes: from savory tacos and quesadillas brimming with melted cheese, to innovative pizzas and hearty lasagnas. Mix it into omelets for a breakfast twist, or craft flavorful birria ramen. Enliven salads, sliders, and stuffed peppers, or blend into a spicy shepherd's pie.
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Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 10 minutes
Total Time 15 minutes
Course Main Course, Side Dish, Soup
Cuisine American, Mexican
Servings 1 serving


  • Birria Ramen: Combine leftover birria broth with ramen noodles, shredded birria meat, and top with a boiled egg, chopped onions, and cilantro for a comforting noodle dish
  • Birria Fries: Top crispy fries with shredded birria meat, melted cheese, onions, and cilantro. Serve with guacamole and sour cream for a delicious fusion dish
  • Birria Baked Potato: Load a baked potato with birria meat, cheese, onions, and cilantro for a hearty meal
  • Birria Soup: Strain the sauce to create a thin consommé and enjoy it as a soup-like texture, adding fresh toppings as desired
  • Mulitas: Use the meat to make mulitas, which are like quesadillas but with meat added between two tortillas
  • Birria Tacos: Make traditional birria tacos by dipping tortillas in the consommé and filling them with the shredded meat
  • Quesa Birria: Combine the concept of quesadillas and birria tacos for a cheesy, meaty treat
  • Birria Quesadillas: Use the meat as a filling for quesadillas, adding cheese and grilling until crispy
  • Birria Pizza: Spread birria meat over your pizza dough, add cheese and your favorite toppings, and bake for a unique pizza experience
  • Birria Pasta: Toss cooked pasta with birria meat and a bit of the consommé for a Mexican twist on pasta night


  1. Choice of Meat: While traditional birria is made with goat meat, beef is a popular and more accessible alternative. You can use a combination of short ribs and chuck for a rich and beefy flavor. Lamb is also a suitable substitute due to its similar flavor profile
  2. Chili Preparation: The chilies are a crucial component of birria, providing depth and complexity to the dish. Use a combination of dried chilies like ancho, guajillo, and chiles de árbol for a balance of sweetness and heat. Remember to seed, toast, and soak the chilies as part of the preparation proces.
  3. Seasoning: A proper balance of spices is key to achieving the authentic flavor of birria. Common spices include cinnamon, oregano, cumin, and ginger. Adjust the level of each spice to suit your taste preferences, but don’t skip them as they contribute significantly to the dish’s signature flavor
  4. Cooking Method: Birria benefits from a low-and-slow cooking approach. This allows the meat to become tender and the flavors to meld together. Expect to simmer the meat for 3 to 4 hours until it is fall-apart tender. Skim off any excess fat during the cooking process, which can be reserved for future use, such as making birria queso tacos
  5. Serving and Storage: Serve birria with a sprinkle of white onion and cilantro, and a squeeze of lime juice over the top. If you have leftovers, they can be repurposed into various other dishes, as mentioned in the initial query. Store any leftover birria in an airtight container in the refrigerator and consume within a few days for the best quality

Tips Before Making Beef Birria

  1. Salt Proportion: Use about 1 teaspoon of kosher salt per pound of meat to ensure the birria is well-seasoned without being overly salty
  2. Browning the Meat: Take the time to brown the beef well before simmering. This step adds a layer of flavor that can’t be achieved through simmering alone. Do it in batches if necessary to avoid overcrowding the pan
  3. Straining the Sauce: If you prefer a thicker sauce, reduce the cooking liquids after straining the pureed chili mixture. For a more traditional, brothy consistency, adjust the amount of liquid accordingly
  4. Fat Skimming: After the birria is cooked, skim the fat off the top of the broth. This fat is flavorful and can be used to fry tortillas for tacos or other dishes, adding an extra layer of birria flavor
  5. Make Ahead: The flavors of birria develop and deepen over time, making it an excellent dish to prepare ahead of time. You can make the stew a day in advance and reheat it before serving, which can also make it easier to skim off any solidified fat
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