How to Preserve & Store Oyster Mushrooms? – 5 Best Ways

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Oyster mushrooms are fan-shaped delicious mushrooms that come in various colors. This mushroom is rich in dietary fiber, protein, vitamins, and nonstarchy carbohydrates, and it tastes like seafood. Therefore, millions of people enjoy it with pizza, burgers, and also in roasted form. 

Freezing and drying are two commonly used methods to preserve oyster mushrooms. These techniques significantly increase the shelf life of nutrient-rich mushrooms from a few days to several months. 

Fresh oyster mushroom looks fresh and delicious. It can get wrinkly, slimy, and unappealing within a few days.

It is important to preserve those appetizing ingredients properly to maintain their taste and quality. Keep on reading to learn more about Oyster Mushroom and the 5 best ways to preserve it for prolonged periods. 

It has a seafood-like taste and meaty texture that makes it a perfect ingredient for non-veg food lovers. You can identify these mushrooms with their fan-like caps. 

They look like oysters and thus got that name. These mushrooms grow on dying trees or fallen logs and are often found in clusters in the wild. 

King oyster and pearl oyster are the commonly known types of this mushroom. Their fleshy caps can be 5-25cm in size. These mushrooms have a very short or no stem at all. 

That’s how you can identify it in the wild. Preservation may seem difficult because these mushrooms easily get flimsy. Methods shared in this post will make it an effortless task for you.  

How to Prepare Oyster Mushrooms for Storage?

Preserving these mushrooms will be easier if you prepare them properly for storage. Get top-quality mushrooms from the store for preservation. 

Thus, keeping them fresh would be easy and their taste will remain delicious for a long time. 

Some people prefer to store mushrooms in the pantry and some prefer to refrigerate them for preservation. 

Some homeowners try other unique ways of storing oyster mushrooms. You will learn about those preservation methods in this post, but first, you should learn about preparation for preservation. 

You can store fresh mushrooms directly in a refrigerator if you have the right container. Keep those mushrooms in pre-packed form in a container with perforation. Thus, fresh air will easily get in and moisture will get out. 

Suppose you bought plastic-wrapped mushrooms, make some holes in that wrap to let fresh air get in. Put them in the fridge and you can preserve them for some time. 

5 Proven Methods to Store Oyster Mushrooms for Long-term Usage

Whether you wish to store oyster mushrooms for a few days or a year, try one of the below-recommended methods:

1. Storing Oyster Mushrooms for 2 Days

Mushrooms have high water content and therefore fridge is the best place to store them for short periods. 

You can keep recently bought products in the fridge if you will use them within one or two days. This method is not suitable if you wish to preserve those mushrooms for more than two days. 

Get a perfect container with perforation to store fresh mushrooms. Ensure there are some holes in the mushroom wrap to let fresh air pass. The mushroom will be fresh for two days at least. 

2. Storing Oyster Mushrooms for a Week

You do not need a special container to store oyster mushrooms for 5-7 days. Your fridge is the best place to do it, but it will require a little preparation. 

Many vegetable sellers sell mushrooms in plastic wraps. You can store them with wraps but there should be some holes to pass air. 

Good airflow maintains the freshness of the mushroom for prolonged periods. It also prevents condensation, which can affect the natural texture and taste of the mushroom. 

Suppose you buy fresh mushrooms, unwrapped, and directly from the farmer’s market, use a paper bag or towel to store them. 

Many people grow those mushrooms in their backyard and follow the recommended storage technique to keep mushrooms fresh for at least a week. 

Oyster mushrooms release moisture when you store them in a fridge for multiple days. The paper towel or bag absorbs that moisture and keeps mushrooms fresh for several days. 

What You Shouldn’t Do When Storing Oyster Mushrooms In A Fridge?

As mentioned earlier, oyster mushrooms have a meaty texture and a delicious flavor. You would not wish to destroy that texture and taste because of a simple and avoidable mistake. 

Some people store this mushroom with pungent foods, such as celery, onion, garlic, durian, or ginger. 

Mushrooms absorb the aroma of those foods and it severely affects their flavor. So, avoid this mistake if you wish to keep mushrooms fresh and delicious as they naturally are. 

The maturation process can accelerate if you store mushrooms with ethylene-producing vegetables and fruits, such as bananas. 

Keep those fruits away from mushrooms otherwise, they will get bad within a few days. It will be safe if you keep those aroma-releasing fruits, veggies, and other such items away from the mushroom. 

3. Keeping Oyster Mushrooms Fresh for a Month

You have learned about some important precautions to take while storing oyster mushrooms in a fridge. It may seem like impossible to store those mushrooms for a long time but do not give up. You can easily store the mushroom for a month in a refrigerator. 

People freeze many veg and non-veg food items to increase their shelf life and enjoy them later. You can use a freezer in your fridge to keep a small quantity of mushrooms fresh or use a separate freezer to keep your food items fresh. 

It is possible to maintain the natural flavor and texture of oyster mushrooms for a month if you store them in a freezer. You can stir-fry those mushrooms before freezing or store them in the raw form. 

Get a freezer bag or an air-tight container to store those delicious food items. Take those mushrooms out of the freezer and let them thaw for a few minutes. Thus, oyster mushrooms will be ready to improve the taste and quality of any food you wish to serve. 

4. Storing Oyster Mushrooms for 5-6 Months

Dehydration increases the shelf life of mushrooms by up to 6 months. Most retailers follow this method to preserve mushrooms for several months. 

Brands follow some complex dehydrating techniques and equipment to get the best results. You can do it at home for a moderate quantity of mushrooms without using any special equipment. 

Dehydrating Mushrooms

Preserving oyster mushrooms for 5-6 months will be much easier if you use a food dehydrator. Since many homeowners do not have a food dehydrator, the other drying solution is applicable. 

You can use the microwave or an oven to dehydrate fresh mushrooms. Oven or microwave extract all the moisture rapidly. Thus, mushrooms get ready for prolonged storage within a few minutes. 

Suppose you do not have an oven or a microwave at home, clean all the oyster mushrooms and put them in sunlight throughout the day. They will get dried within a day and then you can store them. 

Most experts recommend sun-drying or freeze-drying for mushrooms. It gets much easier to hydrate them when you wish to use them as an ingredient. Dried foods may not taste exactly like fresh ones, but this preservation technique retains all the nutrients of the food. 

Oyster mushrooms lose their natural shape and look pretty small after drying. That weird shape does not mean the mushroom has gone bad. Dehydration causes shrinking, but it never affects the flavor. 

Rehydrating Mushrooms

Rehydration is as simple as drying mushrooms in sunlight. You just need to soak them in water for 10-15 minutes. 

They will get soft and ready to enhance the taste of your favorite dishes. So, follow this method if you wish to preserve delicious oyster mushrooms for 6 months or more. 

5. Storing Oyster Mushrooms for More Than a Year

Is it possible to store oyster mushrooms for more than a year? Yes, it is possible if you pickle them. People have been pickling mushrooms for centuries. 

It is a fun way to store delicious mushrooms and enjoy their unique flavors for several months. Oyster mushroom pickle is probably the most delicious topping for burgers, sandwiches, pizzas, and many other cuisines. 

You should chop oyster mushrooms in small pieces to pickle them. Blanch freshly chopped mushrooms and use a pressure cooker to cook them. 

Use a pint jar to store oyster mushrooms. Thus, their shelf life will increase significantly. You can pickle this mushroom with other delicious ingredients to enhance the overall flavor of the final product. 

How To Freeze Oyster Mushrooms Properly? – Step-by-Step Guide

To freeze oyster mushrooms, start by gently cleaning them with a dry brush or a slightly damp cloth to remove any dirt or debris.

Avoid washing them directly under water, as they can easily absorb too much moisture and become waterlogged.

Next, slice the mushrooms into even pieces to ensure uniform freezing and easy use in future recipes.

A crucial step in the process is blanching: briefly cook the sliced mushrooms in boiling water for a couple of minutes, then quickly transfer them to an ice bath. This step helps preserve their color, texture, and flavor.

After cooling and draining the mushrooms, spread them out on a baking sheet and place them in the freezer for a few hours until they are individually frozen.

Once frozen, transfer the mushrooms to a freezer-safe bag or container, removing as much air as possible to prevent freezer burn.

Make sure to label the container with the freezing date to keep track of how long they have been stored. By following these steps, you’ll have a supply of oyster mushrooms ready to enhance various dishes, from soups to stir-fries, for several months.

Freezing oyster mushrooms is an excellent way to ensure that you always have this versatile ingredient on hand, ready to add depth and flavor to your favorite recipes.

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