7 Best Places Where You Can Buy Salmon For Sushi – Top-Grade Quality

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Choosing the right salmon for sushi isn’t just about taste—it’s about finding the pinnacle of freshness and quality. Our guide reveals the seven prime spots to purchase top-grade salmon, ensuring your sushi is nothing short of exceptional.

What makes these places stand out? Let’s slice into the heart of quality seafood sourcing, where the secrets of culinary experts come to light.

1. True World Foods

For those who love sushi in New York and New Jersey, True World Foods is a leading supplier of sushi-grade seafood, offering the convenience of delivery straight to your home.

If you’re aiming to replicate the quality of your preferred sushi restaurant, True World Foods will meet your expectations.

Their range covers all the essentials for making sushi, making sure each item adheres to strict standards of freshness and safety.

Yet, it’s important to be aware that while their selection is extensive, the quality can fluctuate depending on the catch. This means staying updated on their inventory is key to getting the finest options.

Their service is beneficial, but it requires an active approach to choosing the right products.

2. Nordic Catch

If you’re searching for unmatched freshness in your sushi-grade salmon, Nordic Catch is your go-to source, known for its direct shipments of fresh, never frozen, sashimi-grade salmon from the pristine waters of Iceland.

This recognition as ‘Best Sushi Grade Seafood’ from Food Network is a testament to Nordic Catch’s dedication to quality and sustainability, ensuring you receive the finest salmon that not only excels in taste but is also ethically sourced.

Their thorough selection process assures that each salmon adheres to strict standards, making every slice ideal for your sushi desires.

For those who demand the pinnacle of quality, Nordic Catch stands out as a premier choice among seafood suppliers, providing a culinary experience that’s difficult to match.

3. Yama Seafood

Turning our attention to another distinguished supplier, Yama Seafood has been a pivotal figure in providing high-quality seafood since 1977, working closely with Michelin-starred chefs in New York and the surrounding regions. Here’s what distinguishes them:

  1. Experience: With years of expertise, they’ve a deep knowledge of how to source and distribute the finest seafood.
  2. Quality Control: They implement strict quality measures, ensuring each piece of salmon lives up to the expectations of renowned chefs.
  3. Eco-Friendliness: Yama Seafood is dedicated to sourcing practices that are mindful of marine life and ecosystem health.
  4. Unique Offerings: Their connections allow them to offer seafood varieties that are usually exclusive to the culinary elite.

For those passionate about sushi and seeking unmatched quality, Yama Seafood stands out as a premier choice.

4. Seattle Fish Company

Highly praised by culinary professionals, Seattle Fish Company boasts a broad selection of sushi-grade fish, celebrated for its exceptional variety and freshness.

This establishment has garnered a remarkable reputation among chefs not only for the diversity in their offerings but also for their careful handling and preservation of the fish, ensuring customers receive only the best ingredients for their sushi.

Fish VarietyFreshness Rating

Seattle Fish Company does more than just sell fish; they offer an experience. Their fish is sourced with a strong focus on sustainability and ethical practices. When you purchase from them, you’re supporting a business that prioritizes the health of the ocean and its resources.

5. Honolulu Fish Company

Widely recognized for its outstanding quality, the Honolulu Fish Company is celebrated by culinary professionals for its comprehensive range of sushi-grade fish, including the prized Hawaiian ahi tuna. Here are the reasons why experts in the culinary field hold this supplier in high esteem:

  1. Sustainability Commitment: The company is dedicated to fishing methods that are mindful of environmental impact, ensuring the longevity and health of marine life for future enjoyment.
  2. Peak Freshness: By sourcing directly, the freshest possible fish is provided, a critical element for creating exceptional sushi.
  3. Expansive Selection: Apart from ahi tuna, a broad spectrum of choices is available to satisfy diverse sushi tastes.
  4. Esteemed Endorsements: The high regard from acclaimed chefs underscores their unmatched quality.

Grasping these aspects will enhance your appreciation for the dedication and quality the Honolulu Fish Company contributes to your culinary pursuits.

6. Catalina Offshore Products

While the Honolulu Fish Company is renowned for its dedication to sustainability and quality, Catalina Offshore Products distinguishes itself through its wide range of sushi-grade fish, including the much-desired tuna and halibut, enhanced by the option of overnight delivery.

Their assortment extends beyond these two choices, with regular updates to their stock with the freshest catches, ensuring premium quality for your sushi creations.

What makes them unique is their rigorous focus on quality and freshness, paired with their service of delivering your order directly to you by the next day.

This ensures you don’t have to settle for lesser quality ingredients due to time restrictions, making Catalina Offshore Products a dependable provider for your sushi-grade fish requirements.

7. Martinez Produce & Seafood

Martinez Produce & Seafood, a distinguished wholesaler, carefully selects its salmon from prestigious regions such as Scotland, Norway, Canada, and The Faroe Islands, catering to the refined palates of sushi lovers. Here’s what you should know about their sourcing process:

  1. Scotland: This region is celebrated for its strong, flavorful Atlantic salmon, providing a rich, fatty texture perfect for sushi.
  2. Norway: This country is famous for its leadership in sustainable salmon farming practices, delivering a high-quality, environmentally friendly product.
  3. Canada: The cold, pristine waters of Canada produce salmon with a gentle flavor profile, ideal for nuanced sushi dishes.
  4. The Faroe Islands: The isolated environment of these islands ensures minimal human interference, leading to exceptionally clean and flavorful salmon.

Martinez’s dedication to excellence and sustainability ensures you receive some of the finest salmon available, specifically selected for sushi lovers.

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